Effective January 1, 2024

Transaction Service Charges
Account Reconciliation / Research $25.00 per hour min.
Account Printout / Statement / Fax / Check Copy $1.00 per Page
Cashier's Check / Money Order $2.00 each
Courtesy Pay $28.00 per Item
Dormant Account* $5.00 per Month
Early Withdrawal from Club Account $5.00
Escheat & Legal / Government Processing $75.00
Foreign Item Processing $10.00
Non-Member Check Cashing $10.00 per Check
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF)** $28.00
Paper Statement Processing $2.00 each
Returned Item Unpaid $15.00 per Item
Return Mail / Bad Address $15.00 per Month
Second Chance Checking $10.00 per Month
Service Reinstatement $30.00
Stop Payment (Personal and Cashiers) $28.00
Unmatched Items $10.00 per Item
Electronic Services  
ACH Origination (One Time) $10.00
ATM Card $10.00
ATM Pin-Based Transaction $1.00 per Transaction After 10 per Month
ATM / Debit Replacement $10.00
Bill Pay Inactivity $5.00 per Month
Card Payment Origination by Phone $10.00
Expedited ATM / Debit Card $75.00
International Transaction Fee 1% of Transaction
VISA Gift Card (Reloadable) $7.50
VISA Gift Card (One Time Use) $4.00
Wire Transfer (incoming / domestic) $3.00
Wire Transfer (outgoing / domestic) $25.00
CARFAX Report $19.95
Late Title $30 after 60 days
Skip-A-Payment $30.00 per Skip
Mortgage Modification $500.00
Mortgage Subordination $200.00

*A dormant account fee of $5 will be charged for each month after 12 consecutive months of inactivity. A transaction on your account, or a written notice of acknowledgement is required to avoid this fee.

**An NSF charge is imposed each time an item is presented against insufficient funds. The payee (or the payee's institution) may represent a previously returned item. Each presentment against insufficient funds will result in a separate charge.