Home Mortgage Loans

  • West Michigan home financing at competitive rates
  • Local decision-making and processing
  • Pre-approval and refinancing available
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Home Equity Loans

  • Leverage the equity in your home to fund various expenses
  • Take advantage of tax-deductible interest payments1
  • Use a Home Equity Line of Credit for even more flexibility
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Auto Loans

  • Get the ride you want with competitive rate financing
  • Pre-approval and refinancing available
  • Conveniently search for your new vehicle online
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FlexSense Auto Loans

  • Finance your next vehicle on flexible, affordable terms
  • Enjoy lower payments than traditional financing1
  • Get an immediate quote online for your next car purchase
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Motorcycle Loans

  • Pre-approval available
  • Get competitive rates and explore customized terms
  • Enjoy friendly, attentive service from start to finish
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Recreational Vehicles

  • Get the boat or RV that you’ve been eyeing with local financing
  • Explore accommodating repayment terms to meet your needs
  • Get a potentially lower rate when you refinance
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Personal Loans

  • Competitive, uniquely customized, local financing
  • Fund a variety of personal needs with ease
  • Enjoy fast, local processing
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Loan Services

  • View a wide range of Loan Services
  • Easily take advantage of additional benefits
  • Explore options to make borrowing more convenient 
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