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"Just want to say a quick thank you for the loan you did for us on the truck. I had not planned on a new vehicle for a couple of years yet, but it came to a point where it was a necessity. My dad always said, 'Don't throw good money after bad,' and in this case, he was right on.

One of the reasons that we love BFCU is that it is like that small-town bank from the old days. Additionally, you guys are all so nice and make everyone feel like part of a family."

– Bill, BFCU Member

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all of the time you've put into making my car dreams come true. My experience today of working with you all can be summed up as truly being the BEST!!!" 

– LaShawnda, BFCU Member

"A very sincere thank you for guiding us through the process. We greatly appreciate Best Financial. You are a wonderful representative of service and kindness. Please extend our gratitude to Cindy as well.

Thank you."

– Mike, BFCU Member

"A few years ago, I came in and you gave me a car loan and then we bought another car with you. You have really helped my wife and I repair our credit and get a nice relationship started with the credit union.

My son who is 23 years old is looking for a car now also. He does not have any credit not even a credit card but does have a great, stable job. I suggested he contact you since you helped us out when we needed it.

Thanks Wendy!"

– Chris, BFCU Member

Success Stories

  • We were able to get Robert and Robin into the vehicle they wanted while at the same time lowering their monthly payment by $133 and saving them $1,630 in interest over the life of the loan! 
  • Through our FlexSense Auto Loan program, we were able to get Aaron into the vehicle he wanted for $103 per month less than conventional financing would allow.
  • Between two loans, we were able to save Robert $2,096.62 in interest and lowered his monthly payments by $42.19! 
  • Also through our FlexSense Auto Loan program, we were able to get Roger into a truck 2 years newer, but paying $64 less per month than his previous payment!

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