Our Focus Is on You

Unlike being just another bank customer, at a credit union, you're a member — one with a share in everything we do as an institution. Plus, as a not-for-profit institution, our focus is not on personal gains; it's exclusively on the financial well-being of our members. Rather than pocket any profits earned, we pour that money back into the institution, securing better rates, services, and benefits for our well-deserving members.

We Believe...

  • Members come first
  • Members will be treated equally and fairly
  • Member counseling and education is vital
  • Confidentiality is essential
  • Staff must be service oriented, friendly, courteous, and well trained
  • Once a member, always a member
  • We must maintain a presence in the marketplace for all potential members
  • The membership must share in the financial success of the credit union
  • The success of the credit union is dependent on strong, dedicated leadership
  • Serving our community is serving our members
  • Meeting members needs through convenient and reasonably priced services is necessary
  • Diversity and inclusion is essential
  • In environmental sustainability
  • Building relationships one member at a time is critical to the success of the organization

Our Mission

Best Financial Credit Union is owned and operated by its members and committed to providing financial benefit through unique personal solutions during every stage of life.

Our Vision

Because the BEST makes life better!

No Waits — or Papercuts

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