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How can a piece of plastic give you so much buying power? Easy — when it’s a Visa® from Best Financial.

Key Features

  • Competitive Rates
  • Free Balance Transfers
  • Rewards Cards
  • Competitively low, fixed rate
  • No annual fee
  • Star Points point program available*
    • Earn one point for every dollar purchased with your Visa Platinum card
    • Points redeemable for a number of brand-name gift cards, merchandise, and travel rewards
    • Redeem points online at or call Star Points directly at 1.866.645.1699.
    • If you need help with your account login for Star Points Plus, please call them at 1.866.645.1699.
  • 25-day grace period (pay your balance in full within 25 days and avoid interest charges on purchases)
  • Cash advances available (cash is available at any financial institution displaying the Visa logo as long as qualifying limits are available)
  • Balance transfer high-interest debt to your BFCU Visa at no fee
  • Set up automatic transfers from your account online or at any branch
  • Easily manage and make payments 24/7 from your online banking portal
  • Gain peace of mind via 24-hour fraud protection and the new 3DS Secure System
  • Report lost or stolen cards

*Available on the VISA Platinum card only

Send Us Your Paperwork

Upload application documents online.

*Points may be revoked at credit union's discretion. Not every card is eligible for the program.